What is Fusion?

Fusion is a Private Equity Firm focused on Real Estate Investment and Fund Management based in East Africa, founded in 2006. All of our profits have been re-invested in the business, and we have grown into a leading and pioneering Real Estate and Fund Management firm in East Africa.

A Fusion of Opportunities:

Fusion provides services in African Real Estate and Fund Management. We aim to serve the needs of this fast-developing market by creating outstanding buildings for people to live, work and relax in.

A Fusion of Objectives:

We are building scale by remaining close to our chosen marketplace.  We live where we invest, creating a unique pipeline of opportunities from our research and network of local contacts. “Keeping it real” is very important to us: successful investment outcomes are about good judgment, good relationships, and good systems. This quality-first approach is serving us well.

We achieve this by:

  • Rigorously analyzing the risk in any investment and performing appropriate due diligence
  • Keeping it real, and investing only where common sense supports the results of the analysis
  • Investing only where we believe the fundamentals of management, environment, and performance are attractive
  • Sticking closely to the ILPA guidelines, including a zero-tolerance approach to corruption
  • Giving our people good training, a stimulating working environment, and financial rewards aligned with our investors’ interests
  • Investing only where we have genuine local insight
  • Ensuring that deals are legally executed with rigor and intelligence
  • Realizing that it is not just about putting money in and waiting for an exit opportunity: our view is that growth needs to be mentored and overseen throughout the life of the investment

Clients of many different kinds come to Fusion Capital. We help those with undeveloped land to realize the locked-up value and develop potential. We help entrepreneurs to build on their founding visions. Through our partners, we have become one of the most reputable and leading Joint venture Partners in East Africa.

In short: we help those who want to build, to build.