Remaining true to our roots

Our aim is to build scale across East Africa, the Great Lakes region and beyond, by remaining true to our founding principles:

  • We will grow by remaining close to our chosen marketplace;
  • And by continuing to put quality – of all kinds – firmly in first place.

Our ambition is to become synonymous with The African Growth Story. Our aim is to grow our own business, and the businesses of the companies we back, so that we are fully part of that story.

En route, we will observe good governance at all levels, remain compliant with regulatory law in all of our countries of operation, and protect our reputation as a quality-first operator in a potentially volatile investment environment, whilst striving to make above-average returns for our investors.

We will strive to be a good corporate citizen in our countries of operation, contributing to local social initiatives, complying with international best practice regarding the environment, and providing high quality careers and training to our staff.

Our vision is: To become synonymous with the African growth story.