Our focus: Africa and the professional investor

Fusion Investment Management is a specialist fund manager and portfolio management firm, dedicated to the needs of professional investors seeking African growth opportunities.

Currently, our primary investment focus is East Africa, where economies are growing fast but also relatively stable and balanced. Here, whilst the oil and gas sectors are set to grow, they do not dominate the economic landscape. The emergence of the East African Common Market (the EAC) is providing additional stimulus for stable growth, alongside rapidly increasing direct investment by the middle-income countries of the Middle and Far East.

In this region, political systems, legal systems, tax systems and capital markets are maturing, further enhancing growth and investment opportunities.

For these reasons, and many others, we are broadening and deepening our investment operations across the region and beyond.

For more on our view of the African opportunity, visit Rooted Thinking, where investment thinking and business issues are explored in an easy-to-read format.