Who invests with us?

Who invests with Fusion and why?

Africa is increasingly on the radar for sophisticated investors. Yet, the region can still feel remote and difficult to access. Africa also presents particular risks, which require an experienced hands-on approach.

Professional investors seek African exposure for a variety of reasons:

    • Because African economies are growing relatively fast, presenting attractive opportunities for growth-oriented investors.
    • Because Africa is increasingly recognised as a necessary part of a well diversified investment portfolio.
    • For some investors: because they have business or charitable activities on the continent, and wish to hold some liquidity there.
    • Because some African markets are relatively de-linked from what many perceive to be increasingly distorted and unbalanced financial markets in the OECD countries.

Whatever the motivation, investors in Africa need a trusted, locally-based manager, to advise them on the pitfalls and risks, as well as to guide them towards the better quality opportunities.

This is where Fusion Investment Management can assist. We are locally-based and on the ground where we invest. In addition, we also maintain international best practice, as is required by our UK FCA status.